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The Power Of Our Words

Some friends and I recently went through a book together and in there was a devotion on the power of our words. This one took me back to my roots. I’m a firm believer in choosing your words carefully and speaking life. As a new Christian many years ago, this was deeply instilled in me and something I don’t take lightly. When you pass judgment on someone, you are not defining them. You are defining YOU. In the same way, when you see someone dishonored by another, if given the opportunity, make up the difference, and sow honor back to them. We ought to protect one another’s integrity. Your opinion or assumption, whether factual or not, can put negative (possibly...

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Have you ever experienced that nagging feeling of never enoughness?  David is a well-known biblical figure. This is for a good reason: we see him grow from a young boy to impulsive teen (1 Samuel 17), to mighty king (2 Samuel 5:4), to faltering sinner (2 Samuel 11), to recommitted man of God (2 Samuel 23:1). Much of his life is told in detail in Scripture, and in each chapter, we recognize the voices that tried to tear him down and those that built him up.  His story begins in 1 Samuel 16, when God sends out Samuel to anoint a new king over Israel from Jesse’s sons. Samuel invited Jesse’s sons to the sacrifice and the upcoming feast. When...

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